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Networking Management

Network Monitoring and Management

Proactive monitoring is critical to the security, reliability, and performance of any computer. The days of reacting to problems in a panic are behind us. Instead of having an issue discovered by you, or an employee, and then dispatching a tech to your business to address the problem, which can sometimes take hours, or even days to fix, proactive monitoring of your servers, workstations, and network, problems can be detected and fixed almost immediately.

OnsaleNetworks monitors your network 24 hours a day for minor issues that can be address remotely. All remote support is performed by us, right here in Houston. Not from someone outsourced in other country.



List of what we monitor and address 24 hours a day:

  • Disk Space Check – Check all physical disk drive space
  • Performance Monitoring Check – Memory Usage
  • Performance Monitoring Check – Physical Disk: Total
  • Performance Monitoring Check – Processor Queue Length
  • Performance Monitoring Check – Processor Utilization
  • Windows Service Check – Automatic Updates
  • Windows Service Check – DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • Windows Service Check – DNS Client
  • Windows Service Check – Event Log
  • Windows Service Check – Microsoft Antimalware Service
  • Windows Service Check – Print Spooler
  • Windows Service Check – Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • Windows Service Check – Server
  • Windows Service Check – System Even Notification
  • Windows Service Check – Task Scheduler
  • Windows Service Check – TCP/IP NetBIOS
  • Windows Service Check – Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Windows Service Check – Windows Time
  • Windows Service Check – Workstation
  • Antivirus Update Check
  • Drive Space Change Check – All Physical Drives
  • Hacker Check – Attempted Break Ins
  • Physical Disk Heath Check
  • Critical Events Check – Application
  • Critical Events Check – Security
  • Critical Events Check – Systems Logs
  • Vulnerability Checks
  • Patch Management – Check and apply Windows updates, and other application security updates automatically.
  • Automated Tasks
  • Full asset tracking for all computers monitored. This includes hardware, and software.

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