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Server Installation and Support

Implementing a server in your network will allow your business to do much more with less. Servers offer many more benefits than just networking workstations together, to keep your staff connected, and productive. Onsale Networks IT can help you implement a server into your network, and keeping your costs to a minimum. We know it’s a struggle to keep up with technology, while reducing costs. We can help you achieve both.


Some benefits to adding a server to your network include:

  • Centralized security
  • Centralized anti-virus and spyware solutions
  • Automated backups
  • Remote access
  • File and print sharing and much more
Due to much lower prices for hardware, many small businesses are able to implement big business solutions into their networks. Including stand alone servers, and cloud services such as cloud backups and file sharing, Microsoft Exchange email, Microsoft Office , and access via mobile devices such as smart phones, and tablets. We can provide at a low cost or monthly lease contract.

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